Two of the purposes for the existence of the church are to evangelize the lost and edify the believers. “Visitation” is that ministry where our members go out from our church into the community in an effort to be a blessing to those we visit. There are a variety of calls that can be made, depending upon a person’s relationship to our church. For those who have visited us, we like to follow-up to get to know them better and to answer any questions they may have. We enjoy visiting our own church people too. Sometimes it is because they have been absent for a while and at other times we just want to stop by to encourage and enjoy Christian fellowship. We often attempt to make new contacts in the community to introduce people to the Gospel and to our church. Sometimes we visit folks who have recently moved into the area and other times we just go door-to-door.

Calvary Baptist Church

917 Wilhelm Rd. Harrisburg, PA, 17111


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